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Bonne nouvelle ! L'enseigne Starbucks propose déjà l'intégration PassBook/Wallet dans son application.
PassWallet a pour politique de ne pas proposer les cartes qui sont déjà supportées par les enseignes.
Toutefois il arrive que des pannes des applications respectives rendent le générateur officiel inefficace.

Disponible sur App Store

Les cartes des enseignes ont la possibilité de vous offrir une meilleure intégration avec les services de l'enseigne comme votre solde de points / crédit, etc.

Starbucks Card Starbucks

You must use Safari on your mac or on your iPhone to generate an Apple Wallet's pass

Will work on
Works with iPhone & Apple Watch

How does it work?

Open this website from your iPhone or your Mac (with Safari) –it does not work on an iPad, thanks Apple for that-, click on the shop you want, choose the closest shop around you if available (so your loyalty card will appear on your lock screen when you're nearby, easy and helpful when you're about to pay), generate your card and add it.
From your Mac, this will be transferred to your iPhone via your iCloud account, from your iPhone, your card will be automatically added to Passbook/Wallet.

No Starbucks shop listed here?!

Stay strong. You can submit a shop localisation via: (use, so everyone will be able to use it.

Please include GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) in decimal, plus the name of the shop. You can use an OpenDocument Classeur/Calc, Excel or CSV (or TXT).

PassWallet do not have any link with Starbucks. Data and pass creation service are free to use without the agreement of the brand.
No data is kept by PassWallet about your pass.
Some barcode reader may not be able to read phone screens. In this case, PassWallet barcode "won't work"
Most of the barcodes here are not compatible with Apple Watch. Apple Wallet on Apple Watch does not offer most of the barcodes listed here.
If you encounter any trouble, you can use this support mail:
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